Meet the Masters
MRS. Carmen Gonzales
Known as the woman who has made the most Pisco in Peru, Carmen Gonzales runs the oldest distillery in the Americas, Destilería La Caravedo, which was established in 1684.
As the one responsible for turning acres of estate grown grapes into liters of Pisco, her keen understanding of the land paired with a chemical engineering degree from San Luis Gonzaga University of Ica, makes her the perfect person to create this award-winning spirit enjoyed around the world.

Her worldview has always centered around Pisco. It is in her DNA as she grew up in Ica in a Pisco producing family and, while she pursued her studies with the thought that she’d go into dairy products, the pull of winemaking and turning it into Pisco, her country’s heritage beverage, was stronger.
Carmen began a lifelong career in Pisco production when she started as an intern at the technological innovation center CITEVID in 2000 (now called CITE Agroindustrial). She attributes her time at CITEVID for providing the base of all her knowledge about promoting viticulture in Peru and producing a quality standard for Pisco that the drinking public can enjoy and rely upon. After her travels through Jerez, Spain--where she studied viticulture & oenology--she returned to Peru and spent a year living in Tacna, teaching grape growing and wine making techniques.
As the production lead at Destilería La Caravedo since January 2011 Carmen oversees thousands of liters annually.  Equally important to her as the Pisco she produces is the sense of pride she instills in her staff, from those picking the grapes in the vineyards to those filling the bottles with finished product. Carmen is committed to building a positive family environment from grape to glass, making sure they all feel equally valued and proud of their contribution to producing the award-winning Pisco they put out every season.
Carmen Gonzales lives in Ica with her family, four cats, and three dogs, and her favorite expression is the Caravedo Mosto Verde Acholado Pisco because of its versatility. She hopes you’ll come soon to visit her in Ica, taste her Pisco, and stay at Hacienda La Caravedo Est. 1684.
Mr. Johnny Schuler
Mr. Johnny Schuler
Regarded as the foremost pisco authority, Johnny Schuler has dedicated his life to excellence in the pisco industry. As a pisco ambassador, he has traveled the world to educate spirit industry professionals and the public alike about the culture, heritage, and craftsmanship of pisco.
In 2011, Caravedo Pisco founders Bill and Brent Kallop approached Johnny to develop the finest handcrafted pisco. From here, Caravedo Pisco was born.
Johnny’s passion for pisco was first piqued in 1977. Following an impromptu invitation to judge a pisco competition. After sipping 80 different piscos, he was astonished by the variety, robustness, and complexity of flavors. From that day forward, he dedicated himself to the study of pisco. Today, he is one of its greatest advocates.
For more than 20 years, Johnny has played an integral role in rallying government ministries and the private sector to regulate the pisco industry in Peru. The Peruvian Congress awarded Johnny the Medal of Honor.

As a member of INDECOPI, an organization responsible for protecting consumer rights and monitoring fair business practices in the country, Johnny was responsible for tasting and verifying the authenticity of any beverage seeking official designation as Peruvian pisco. He is also currently a member of the National Commission of Pisco (CONAPISCO) and was a founding member of the National Tasters Guild of Peru, for which he served as president for 17 years.

A favorite speaker at wine and spirits events, Johnny regularly judges tasting competitions. Including the prestigious Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. His experience and enthusiasm for pisco are evident on his popular television show, Por Las Rutas del Pisco. The television show airs throughout Latin America and the United States.

A trained chef and successful restauranteur, Johnny showcases Caravedo Piscos in the dishes and bars of his restaurants, Granja Azul and Key Club, located in Peru.