mosto verde
This award winning "mosto verde, acholado" style Peruvian Pisco, formerly known as Pisco Portón, is sustainably harvested and hand-crafted at the oldest distillery in the Americas, Destilería La Caravedo, Est. 1684.
Method of Production: Single-distilled to 43% ABV (86 proof) requiring approximately 8 kilos (18 lbs.) of a blend of quebranta, torontel, italia and albilla grapes to produce one 750ml bottle. Distilled from partially fermented grape juice (pure wine--no pomace) and rested a minimum of one year—six months for each varietal and another six months after assemblage--with no additives of any kind: no color, no water, no sugar, no wood flavoring. Distilled through alambique copper pot stills and traditional falca stills.
Crystal clear
Condition: clean and forward
Intensity: pronounced
Aroma Characteristics: fresh, clean and fruity with hints of melon, grape, white vanilla and honeycrisp apple aromas.
Maturity: un-aged and rested in stainless
steel for one year.
Alcohol: warming
Body: full and very viscous
Flavor Intensity: pronounced
Flavor Characteristics: rich, warming, full bodied, intense, creamy texture includes characteristics of cinnamon, orange blossom, chocolate and citrus.
Finish: complex and smooth, long and luxurious.
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Country of Origin – Peru
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Mosto Verde